Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Permanent Mood Disorder

Okay. It was Monday and why did I get prickly stares at my back?

Feeling them bore into me more than sensing them and really can’t for the life of me understand why one has to suffer three bitches in one office.

If there is any way out of it, please let me know.

Why do so many women opt for joining The Bitch Club?

And why is it that mostly women manages to excel in the trade of bitching and gossip? Me friend making friends with you friend and tomorrow buddy, I will tell the whole world you're a whore and fat arse cow...

Give us women credit, or some of "us" who seem to be able to breed and infest a place quicker than mice can with a stiff upper lip, high & mighty snooty scratching and scatty set of mannerisms.

Maybe a lot of women like to live high on adrenaline which turns them into aggresive estrogen manics which border-lines real nasty vapors and raging open war?

Why are so many women like that, I ask? I am proud being one, and guess others must think I'm a bitch too...but why so mean?

Or maybe they just suffer from Permanent Mood Disorder.

My neck muscles have this tingling sensation – do you think I’ve been poisoned?

Worst was to come later when the MD wanted a word with me... Some B had blurbed that I am looking for other work.

I don't blame myself. Do YOU?

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