Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Notes of sisterly affection

The 3 kittens agreed to meet at Dunes for an after-work sundowner. Our favorite place.

We climbed a desert mountain however to get through the pub/restaurant’s entrance - the westerly wind seemed to have gone mad and wiped all the beach sand accross the road and dumped it right there.

Perhaps that is why we are the only visitors who were brave enough to brace themselves and stop by...

Conversation goes as follows:

C: This year I got so many wrinkles – it’s never happened like this before.

M: Scrutinizes my face and says: Yeah, I have noticed so.

Sharp intake of breathe and shocked pause.

C: Well, can’t you see it’s really only the base that I use that makes it looks worse than it is? Causing some grooves...

M: Not really

C leans accross the table, stating an important point:
The little grooves only give the impression that there are more. You too ought not to frown so much...

M: Doesn’t diminish the fact that you accumulated some lines...

C takes big gulp of wine, indignity x-crossing the face

C: Nice wine

She always HAD more wrinkles than me...

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