Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wacky or Wot

There are certain miserabilities currently in my life refusing to take leave of absence. Instead they remain like stubborn little gremlins with sharp teeth slammed into everything they can get. My hampered work PC is one of them. Modern technology leaves me utterly cold and passionless but this problem now makes me feel more than ever resentful of work, incompetent and retarded as well. To do with too much work and too little sleep and heaven knows what else which seems to be plunked unasked for, on my proverbial plate.

I'm whacked.

But not too far gone yet to recall two funny episodes when I worked as a twenty-something (young) elderly carer in the U.K.

On this occasion I cared for an elderly Colonel who suffered a lot from shingles. We're not talking now about all the times I had to bath him (yip) and found his eyes watching me full of silent humor. Naughty goat. Anyway, in the throws of an adventurous moment, I once made rice pudding from a Lady magazine recipe. All went well, apart from belatedly realizing that I needed a few drops of brandy to set the complete tune to taste.

There wasn't brandy. So the doctor (me) prescribed whisky instead. Good medicine, let me tell you. I poured half a bottle of whisky over the rice and we got very tipsy at the dinner table. So much so that I had to assist the giggly old dear on wobbly legs to his favorite chair to watch the Sitcom, My Family. Later I was asked if the dentist in this comedy really had climbed out of window...

Reminds me fondly of the Xmas I looked after the rather weird lady who only ate fish morning, day and evening. I aptly named her the "Fish-Woman". Her son and his gay friend from the U.S.A had a stash of weed with them, and late afternoon, sated after a huge meal, we watched Chicken Run. Do I have to explain what inhalation of weed-smoke does to someone like me? Note, not smoking actively but inhalation... At least I remembered to laugh at all the 'right' places whereas for those two...they had lost the plot long before we tuned into the story.

And this year we're watching Dinner For One. Are you up for a GOOD ONE, a TOAST and a LAUGH?

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