Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mid-Nightly Escapdes

Three sisters. The middle one blond who just arrived after a long drive through the Karoo and meltingly content after we fed her good food and plenty a wine.

Three smug (schmuck?) cats sitting at the front steps overlooking a fairy lit valley with a half-moon edging shadows over the mountain cliffs, a slight breeze and some giggles... Maybe I should call ourselves the Fairy-brigade? We discuss the possibilities of testing the irresistable shiny waters at the bottom of the garden as the owners are away on holiday for a week.

So two kittens stroll down, leaving me behind to mold myself further into stewing over something totally ridiculous and outragingly stupid that happened at work earlier in the day. I can't begin to describe how I can't stand those who think they can rule others - they can't and won't. I'll never call an employer "my boss" either and dictators my arse.

Down at the swimming pool I hear them chatting and tune my ears in:

A: Feel the water

M: Will you hold my hand?


A: Okay...come here...I'll hold you hand...

M: Ah......oh... I-E-Y-yeerrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody ever forget M's shrieks. It can cleave right through one's eardrums or cement walls and can wake a whole sleeping valley. It was such a laugh though... Innocent or blond to take the proffered hand? A bit like Eve listening and doing what the Snake tell her to do...

Lesson: Don't trust anyone who offers kindly a hand when you feel a bit unsteady on your feet whilst testing the waters.

And A: She had to go and grab the hand instead of the little finger only. Offered on a tray like that. Got what she practically begged for when two of us pulled her over the edge too...

I went inside the cottage to enjoy a steamy self-lecturing pep-talking warm soapy shower whilst telling myself to let the demons run down the gurgling drain...and drown in their own wicket evil-selves.

Tonight the three of us are planning another tip-toe down to the pool. Skinny dipping? Ah-hh, that is another topic for discussion, but in the meantime you’re more than welcome to join the kitten-fairy-throng...

PS: We used to put bugs in M's bed too and Dad used to be the saint to go and carry these creatures out to where they safely belong.

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