Thursday, December 18, 2008

Between friends

Snippets... Did you know the meaning according to the rhinoceros (thesaurus) says it is a small piece of anything, especially a piece that has been snipped off.

Well, I like sharing snippets with friends, such as the two which was done via emailing:

Your mobile phone number please


To send a text on Xmas

Okay. It is 141..51..&5113&1141

Wots with all the “1’s” in that number???

I cannot count much higher that’s why

At least you got past the -1…


...some disdodconbobbled phrases about marriage

Are you generally against Marriage?

I’m a girl who firmly believes in marriage.

All that anti-why-marriage garbage you just sent indicates otherwise...

Yes but...


Once I say “yes” the marriage will be firmly locked in a legal and firm contract…of do's, don'ts, never-to's, always to's amongst a set of rules

You are against marriage.

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